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The Business Travel Awards Europe. It’s a ceremony where people from business travel industries can celebrate their best achievements.

Marketing wanted the new theme based around triangles. It was a narrow design brief which isn’t usual, but they wanted an incremental development of the previous visual design. In one way it was constrictive, but it also focused thoughts on developing on a single theme.



To create a new visual look for the Business Travel Awards 2023 


Animation / Video Editing / Visual Identity / Web Graphics / Signage

First Design for Business Travel Awards

M&IT Ideas_2024__brief_8indd.png

Business Travel Awards 2023 ideas for a new visual look

1 Slide:
This was my first idea, making little golden triangles to make it look like confetti falling. The feedback for this was that it had quite the ‘party vibe’ which is what they wanted but there needed to be a bit more to it which I agreed.

2 Slide:
This was my second idea, I tried to go a bit more corporate, and looks more classier and looks part of an awards show, however, it wasn’t as liked with the team. One of the reasons it could have been was it didn’t have enough triangles.  

3 Slide:
After getting inspired from my first idea, I push it a bit more, and I mixed in the triangles with a pyramid elements, giving it a bit more depth. I feel it offered more potential, more area to experimental with the triangle design. This ended up being the chosen design.

BTAE 2023 Programme 27_10 Pages___.png
Business Travel Awards_2023_Trophy_Final_Artwork_with_Mock_Up_Background-01.png
Table Numbers 1_.jpg

Signage for the Event 


These GIFs show breaking the news of the new host. Most of these graphics I do go on emails and on social media sites.

Welcome Wayfinder Banner-2000x500_2023 .png
THIS WAY Banner_2000x500_2023 .png
Meeting point toblerones 320mm x 1200mm_2023_.png
PHOTO BOOTH_Banner-2000x500_2023_.png
Park Lane Mirror Glass Pillar Vynal sticker.png
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